Creations Of Beauty

Monday, September 11, 2006

Creations Of Beauty

I believe that if every child is taught at an early age that they have an innate, God-given ability to create beauty in this world, our world would be a different place then it is today. The hope for our future resides in this simple, yet incredibly powerful concept.

Feelings of joy come from being present in the moment of experiencing something beautiful. Creations of beauty can be many things; music, singing a song, playing an instrument, art, painting, drawing, dancing, a photograph, poetry, planting a flower, tree or garden, cooking a meal for someone you love, a simple heartfelt hug, a genuine smile. Joy comes from experiencing another persons’ creation and in the process of creating something of beauty.

Ask an artist what happens when they are in the process of creating. Time seems to stand still. Minutes turn effortlessly to hours while the artist works on their craft. The flow of expression, of being fully in the moment brings a sense of calm, of peace, of joy while the creation unfolds. Allowing yourself to be fully present in the moment of creation is an amazing gift for your soul and for the souls of the people who experience your creation.

Joy can come from experiencing nature’s creation – a sunrise, a sunset, a waterfall, the dark night sky, filled with stars, the Grand Canyon. How often do we take the beauty of nature for granted? Beauty is all around us just waiting to be noticed.

I treasure the times I have been with my husband Kevin when he is photographing nature. It amazes me how he can see something so clearly, that other people over look. He can find beauty in the smallest of things. Taking time to notice the beauty, to carefully find the perfect angle to capture the essence of it, then inhale, “click” – the moment is captured. How many beautiful moments he has captured over the years are too numerous to count. And how many moments he has captured without his camera present only his soul can know in its entirety.

Some of the most powerful moments of my life have been while being alone and writing from the depths of my being.

I remember as a child in second grade being given an assignment by one of my favorite teachers to write a poem about BEAUTY. Even at age 7, I had a hard time getting the poem started – but once I wrote the first line, the rest seemed to flow effortlessly from a very happy connected place inside.

Beauty is being loved by your mother
Beauty is the sun
Beauty is a flower
Beauty is a sparkling star
Beauty is the moon
Beauty is the earth
Beauty is people

Simple awareness of a child – a simple awareness that still resides inside of me, when I take the time to contemplate & celebrate the depth of the poems meaning.

Beauty is being loved by your mother: The unconditional love from a mother who has birthed a child – may be the closest experience to knowing God and the power of creation in it's truest form

Beauty is the sun: The energy of the sun brings life and light to our world – reminding us daily about our ability to overcome seeming darkness.

Beauty is a flower: The amazing stamina and life of a flower – starting out as a tiny seed that pushes forth through earth and the elements – to express in a unique & colorful way.

Beauty is a sparkling star: Gives wings to our imagination and dreams. Representing the spark of divinity that resides in each one of us. Amazing constellations – individual stars coming together to bring meaning and form to our lives.

Beauty is the moon: Reminding us each night of the cycles of life. Day & night – release and renewal.

Beauty is the Earth: An amazing creation of beauty – sustaining life.
On land – water, mountains, valleys – home to billions of human beings and other forms of wonderous life.
From space – a beautiful orb – turning, moving – along with a Universe full of other orbs. A Universe we really do not comprehend very well. We often forget in our daily lives just how amazing this creation we call Earth really is.

Beauty is people: That is the statement that truly gives me pause for deeper reflection. How many of us have forgotten to see the beauty in the people (God’s beautiful children) that surround us every day? We get so carried away by our problems, our goals, our own agendas – that we miss the opportunity to see and experience the beauty of the people in our lives, of the souls that help us fulfill all of our needs.

God works through the people in our lives to create the good we experience. Food, shelter, clothing, transportation, safety, work, entertainment – everything.
Think about it, truly think about it. How many people have been involved in creating the things, the experiences that are just in THIS very room.

God’s children, God’s perfect, wonderous creations of beauty are all around us.

Think of all of the experiences you enjoy sharing with another person. A hug, kiss, holding hands, laughter, dancing, the ooo’s and ahh’s watching a display of fireworks together, the powerful creation & birthing of a baby – a new soul embracing life – embarking on their own journey and ready to create their own unique beauty in this world.

Take the time to truly experience the beauty in someone else today – be truly grateful for that person and feel the joy that is created within you by being with them.

Nearly a decade ago, I wrote a poem that at the time was very special to me, one that I had put away and nearly forgotten about. Earlier this year as I began thinking about and writing “Creations of Beauty” – this poem resurfaced in my mind. I am truly amazed by my awareness back then to be able to write it – but now…I truly understand what it means and I am finally embracing & expressing the beauty that is in me.

I am a ball of clay.

I am finding the form that is truly me.

Finally willing to see
the beauty that has been intended for me.

I touch the clay ever so gently
Feeling the texture- damp.

Moving my fingers lightly across the surface.

Wanting to make sure
the work comes through
from inside the clay.

Not forcing the shape to conform to external conditioning.

gentle, lovingly

My soul is an historic piece of artwork.
None other like it in the Universe.

Here to express in my own unique way.

© 2006 Karen Renée Robb